Friday, February 4, 2011

Blow Out @ 15 months

So I'm known to blow out my hair each month!!! and this time is like no OTHER .. but this time I took the flat iron and straighten my hair..Was I scared heck ya!! but I didn't want to keep putting it off . I must admit I have been over "TRIMMING" yes it's a such thing. I must do better when it comes to detangling my hair bc I have been wacking off quite a few inches . I am ashamed at how many times I trim my hair or dust my ends but it's toooooooooo frequent! but the best thing out of the trims is that my hair came out with LAYERS!! and I loved it! I'm far from BSL but who cares bc my hair super Healthy , Shiny and BOUNCY!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hair Update............Soooooooooooooo

I really don't have a idea what I want to do to my hair ? I'm currently rocking the low puff... Go FIGURE! but I really want to start this Kim Cole Challenge for 6 months. I could really see some tremendous GROWTH by July by doing so! ........BABeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! I'll be super "excited" :) I really need to start drinking more water and remember to take my vitamins!

So later today , I guess I will do a deep C , and get my hair really JUICY :) but I'm craving a BLOW-OUT !! if I do this blow out I want this to be the only blow -out for the next 3 months . I really want to go solo on the HEAT, I saw Kimmaytube's last vid, amazing growth! Me no HATER lol!! but KinkyKurlyqueen blows her's out and flat irons and she has amazing growth as well. OH well it's just hair right??? NOT that's not always the best answer because I am on a mission to RETAIN some length I have never had in my entire LIFE!! On top of that...

Lately I've been wanting to "Fully Flat Iron my hair with my (Andis Ceramic Iron) yea the one from Wal-Mart because I have yet to order my Maxiglide. Decisions ..Decisions. Decision....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kim Cole's (the Actress Better Known as Synclair of (Living Single ) Grow out Hair Challenge Kim Cole wore her micros for years!!!! and now she is all "Naturale" ..yea Kim!! Kim says that she watches Youtube Videos ........ummmmmmmmmm Kim have u ever visited my Channel as far as I know Kim you have not "SUBSCRIBED " lol haaa J/K .

I would love to partake in this Challenge , These are the guidelines :You are encouraged to blog about your grow-out experiences at

The six-month long journey to natural hair starts Feb. 1, 2011, at midnight and will end on July 31, 2011, at 11:59 p.m.


  1. Drink at least 64 oz of water each day (or half your body weight in ounces)
  2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  3. Take a multi vitamin and other beneficial supplements
  4. Handle hair gently at all times
  5. Seal your ends every time you moisturize
  6. Minimize (direct) heat usage
  7. Deep treatment at every wash session
  8. Develop and follow a consistent hair routine, tailored to your specific needs and desired goals
  9. Document your progress, observations, and frustrations on your personal blog
  10. Encourage your fellow curlies by sharing tips, advice, and chiming in on their blogs
  11. Have fun and enjoy the journey

I pretty much follow the guidelines above ..what is going to get me is "Number 1,2 and 7" and I have been doing good with heat I didn't blow my hair out "once" this month with heat Yea ME!!! I may not blog on the actual site but I will blogging on this one!!!


Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm really really into hats , I love Beanies but when I saw this $3 hat at Rue 21 It was a must! After I left the store I was so upset because I should have purchased more than one, but I will be going back to get at least 2 more. So this is for the "Hat" lovers ...then again ...Try it and u might like it!
fedora hats were born in the late 1800's, as a fashion accessory to depict the upper-class. HMMM ME LIKEY!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 Relationship Problems
1. Communication
2. Sex
3. Money
4. Struggle over home chores
5. Not Prioritizing Your Relationship
6. Conflict
7. Trust

How to solve them??? u may want to check out this article!!! hmmm let's just say as a wife I too have learned something this article and will be implementing some changes LOL!! I want to obtain a long loving marriage sooooooooooo ok ok so I must say this article was on point!

Maxius MAXIglide XP and Maxiessentials Hair Care SetItem: 962-229

HSN Price: $89.95
or 2 payments of $44.97
Retail Value: $190.95
I reallllllllllllllllllllllly want this !! maybe when I do get it I won't even use it but it's one of those "items" that you just want to have on hand just in case I ever want to straighten my "Natural curls" :) Have u ever used it ? if so let me know your thoughts?? I have been searching around and I found this one on I have seen them on Ebay but I'd rather buy directly from this site since I can't find it , "in' stores :)

15 months Post BC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was inspired by Ms Vaughn a YTUBER!! she has a great sense of "style" too! so be sure to check her out if u are not a subbie! I love watching others and I too get inspired !!! This is a week old twist out and I'm going on strong I have been rocking it with a beanie with the bang out ...guess I 'll upload that pic soon too!! I'm not too good with protective styles but I truly keep my Hair Moist and I sleep with a "Bonnet" :) I'm working on being "better " with protective styles bc I do want to retain length :) Any questions please leave below :)