Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hair Update............Soooooooooooooo

I really don't have a idea what I want to do to my hair ? I'm currently rocking the low puff... Go FIGURE! but I really want to start this Kim Cole Challenge for 6 months. I could really see some tremendous GROWTH by July by doing so! ........BABeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! I'll be super "excited" :) I really need to start drinking more water and remember to take my vitamins!

So later today , I guess I will do a deep C , and get my hair really JUICY :) but I'm craving a BLOW-OUT !! if I do this blow out I want this to be the only blow -out for the next 3 months . I really want to go solo on the HEAT, I saw Kimmaytube's last vid, amazing growth! Me no HATER lol!! but KinkyKurlyqueen blows her's out and flat irons and she has amazing growth as well. OH well it's just hair right??? NOT that's not always the best answer because I am on a mission to RETAIN some length I have never had in my entire LIFE!! On top of that...

Lately I've been wanting to "Fully Flat Iron my hair with my (Andis Ceramic Iron) yea the one from Wal-Mart because I have yet to order my Maxiglide. Decisions ..Decisions. Decision....


  1. girl i just saw ya vid, u flat ironed! lol it looks beautiful!

  2. THANKS!! I had been thinking about doing it for oh so long and just had to get it out the way before I start this challenge !!! soooo sweet!

  3. Girl, you hair has really grown. You are so energetic to blowout your. Your hair is amazingly, healthy, it has a beautiful sheen..I know healthy hair when I see it..and its getting longer..won't be long before you have that bra strap length..Work it KCC