Saturday, June 24, 2017


I finally got a chance to watch All Eyez On Me after reading  reviews. I don't want this to be a spoiler, so I won't go into details. I didn't allow other reviews to sway me from watching the movie. I also didn't allow celebrity reviews to sway me as well. I like to form my own opinion. I've read that the movie was similar to a biopic from Lifetime. I have to disagree. The film was put together very well.

Throughout the movie, I was entertained and enlightened on Tupac Shakur. I am a big fan of his music. I laughed, felt sad and rejoiced during this movie. Tupac Shakur experienced so much in so little time. He died at the age of 25. I still remember the day he died. Everyone I knew was devastated.  I had a childhood crush on him lol. He was very articulate and that's what I was mostly attractive too.
He was son of  a queen called Afeni Shakur. I am so happy that parts of her life; the good and the bad was shown in the movie. She was a strong black woman.

I just want to say, go see the movie for yourself.  After posting this I'm  going to turn on my PANDORA app and listen to TUPAC.

A few of my favorite Tupac Songs:

  • Keep Ya  Head Up
  • Brenda Got A Baby
  • I ain't Mad at Cha
  • Changes
Later ✌🏾️

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Two weeks after straightening my hair with the Simply Straight Straightening brush, I decided I wanted to try a rod set. I set up my equipment and begin to film.  I didn't want to wash my hair and miss out on this opportunity. 
Product talk

I only used  one product to achieve this result. 
I used the Smooth'N Shine Polishing Revivoil Foaming Wrap Lotion with Olive & Tea Tree Oils. The product states (4) Firm Hold. You can use this product on damp or dry hair. I purchased this product at my local Walmart for $3. 


After I finished installing the rods, I sprayed my hair with the Silk & Shine Leave-In Detangler Conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling absolutely great. 

I ordered (2) packs of rods  (2) leave-in conditioners (2) shampoos and (2) conditioners  on the The Mane Choice website when they were having a sale for $3.00 each. Be sure to follow this company on Instagram for updates and giveaways! 

     I was so happy with my results.

 I tried really hard not to disturb my curls.

Personally, I can only stretch this style for 2-3 days.  Then on to the next lol.
Half Up Half Down 

 Check out the video below for different styles.

I will definetly revisit this style the next time I straighten my hair.  Have you tried  any of these products before? 

Friday, June 16, 2017

DATE NIGHT iPic Theater Experience

The  Experience
Express Ticketing 

You can also pick up your tickets at the counter 
Restroom Area
 Premium  Seats $16
Premium seats do not recline and they do not include in seat food and beverage service. Food and beverage service is available at the iPic Express counter.  

Premium Plus Seating $28
Premium Plus section (complete with a personal pillow and blanket and complimentary popcorn), every seat is first-class with impeccable views of the big screen. Premium seats are fitted with tables, perfect for housing selections carried in from iPic Express; or have it all delivered in the Premium Plus seats featuring a table to accommodate seat-side service, direct to your chair at the touch of a call-button by servers throughout the movie.

Premium Plus Seating $28 (MY SEAT) Relaxed I'm a germaphobe so I didn't use the pillow or blanket lol 
The Menu 
It was dark, I wish I had a better picture of my food. I had Cod fish and waffle fries. The food arrived hot and delicious. I also had an alcoholic beverage. That's not all, I was greedy and purchased a ice cream sandwich for dessert. It was huge, but I ate it anyways lol. Although it was dark, I used my camera light on my cellphone to examine my food!  Hey, I need to see what I'm eating lol. It was delicious. The cost wasn't cheap, but I enjoyed the experience. I spent  $30 on food. 

Will I go back to  iPIC TheatersYes! 

Why? I enjoyed the food and reclining leather seat. I felt like I was at home. I enjoyed being served while watching a movie. Did I mention the popcorn is COMPLIMENTARY, so you can skip the meal if you like! After visiting iPic I compared the experience to a ordinary theater and I felt out of place LOL!

Have you ever had a theater experience like this? 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fulani Inspired Braids and Beads

Today is Day #12 of wearing my Fulani Inspired Braids and Beads hairstyle. I absolutely love this style.  I was a little skeptical about trying this style, however I'm glad I did. I have learned that I can wear this style up, down, to the side, space buns and maybe even more! I didn't add many beads to this style just yet, but when I do I will definitely post pictures or make a video.  

The updo is my favorite! roll & tuck the braiding hair and add a few bobby pins to secure the style. 

Murray's Edgewax is my new favorite. 
I rarely use gel for my baby hairs/edges.
I went easy with the accessories. The  photos are  from Day #2. 
I will be applying more accessories in the future.

I use a scarf and a bonnet to preserve this hairstyle. Braids can get old really quick if you don't take care of them. If I'm not out and about you best believe my hair is covered while at home lol. I have a  ootd video coming featuring  my Ross Dress For Less  outfit that I am wearing in my pictures. Stay tuned! I will either post a video on my YouTube channel or post pictures on the blog. Have you tried the Fulani Inspired Braids? 


Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Working from home may not be ideal for everyone. However, if you are confident, disciplined, and self-motivated, home can be a place where work and life collaborate.  

You have the opportunity to earn $8 -$75 hourly

I will be listing legitimate companies that I work or have worked for and look forward to working with in the future! 

I rarely apply to the jobs that request that I pay for my own  background check. The frugal in me, just won't allow me to swipe my card. However,  several jobs  don't require that you pay anything. They simply require the basics.

  • Quiet Space * No dogs barking, kids or better yet any distractions
  • Computer or Laptop
  • Usb headset or corded phone headset
  • Internet ( most companies don't like wireless connections, they want you connected using a Ethernet cable. 

Working Solutions Pays Up to $30hr
One of my close friends worked for this company! She loved it! This is a job opportunity where you will be on the phones. She was paid $17 Hr, however it can go up to $30 Hr depending on the project.  It may take a few weeks to hear  back from this company, but it's definitely worth the wait. 

Blooms Today $15hr

Blooms Today hires seasonal work at home agents to handle flower orders by phone. IC's (Independent contractors) earn $14-$24 Hr  commission.  You are also paid while training! 

Apple $14hr + Benefits

Both Part time & Full Time At Home Advisors are Apple employees, not Independent contractors.  You will receive a benefit package, paid time off and product discounts!  If you are hired, you will receive a iMac. Yes, Apple provides the iMac for your at home position. 

I will be posting more jobs soon! Stay tuned!