Friday, September 22, 2017

How I Color My Hair at Home

So I posted a video sharing how I Color my hair @ home. 

Click here to watch! 

As I stated in the video this is my staple color. It never fails me lol. I think the reason why I don't go to a professional is because I'm scared that I won't be satisfied. However, on Instagram I found a colorist in Atlanta, GA that I would love to visit one day. Until then, I can do the job lol. Moisturizing your hair is key.  Spritz your hair with water, apply a leave-in of your choice and your favorite oil and you will experience a happy Color journey! 

Here's the video of  my 1st experience with color as a natural: It's definitely a throwback, yet one of my most popular videos: 

I uploaded this video  in 2011

Wow! Minus the 2 year break from YouTube I've been making videos for a long time! lol

Have you ever colored your natural hair

Later ✌🏽💕

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My 1st Time Installing Clip-ins

(I colored the hair myself)

Ok, so I just fell in love with clip-ins! I was only sent 1 bundle, but I worked with what I had. That's with anything I do in life lol. No worries, Amazing Beauty Hair Extension is sending me more hair to review. 

Hair: Kinky Curly (I actually picked the wrong texture) 
Afro Kinky Coily (4C) is the texture I will review in the future.

Sponsored by Amazing Beauty  Hair Extensions
Fresh out the box ✋🏾

 My Hair texture 4b/4C 

I ended up using Eco "Black Castor Oil" & Flaxseed oil gel for a twist out with the clip-ins.

Clip-Ins /Running Errands look (Snap chat : Kinkycurlycoil) 

 Watch here! 

Have you ever tried Clip-Ins?


Saturday, August 19, 2017

DIY Emoji Stress Balls

My children wanted to make stress balls. 🙃 We went to our local Dollar Tree and found emoji balloons and play-doh.  My daughter chose the CraZArt brand and she actually prefers this brand. FYI Dollar Tree  does carry the play-doh brand.  We didn't purchase the petroleum jelly "compare to Vaseline " at the Dollar Tree because we forgot to pick it up on that visit lol. Did my children make these for me ? Haaaaa!

Hope you enjoy the video and now you can make your own stress ball! 🏡😎😊

Later ✌🏾️

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ross Find

I love Ross! The staff at my local Ross consider me as a frequent shopper. Ross needs a rewards card. I need points lol. Every dollar I spend I need a reward. Let me email the CEO 😂. 

I almost left it at the store, but it was one of a kind. This particular find was only $11.99.
If I see multiples of a item I don't mind leaving without purchasing. If it's the only one I can't risk the item not being available when I come back.
I absolutely adore this jumper. It's free flowing. My grandmother use to wear pants like this and it's why I purchased it. I wanted something comfy, yet not revealing. The colors were perfect. 

(watch the video) showing the print

Do you shop at Ross? 
Later ✌🏾

Saturday, July 29, 2017

LaToya's Life

I finished this book in 2 days. 

It was a very good read. It kept me intrigued. I couldn't put the book down. It was interesting to read about her childhood/ teenage years. LaToya overcame quite a few obstacles.  Her life was definitely not perfect. I admire her work ethic. Yes, YouTube is work.  Despite what others thought or didn't understand about YouTube; LaToya remained focus. She was able to grow her channel and establish success!  

If you make YouTube videos this book will inspire you! This is definitely a great book for someone who wants to start a channel. LaToya's story will inspire you to cut the camera on and BE YOU! 🎬 

I purchased  my book online, because it was sold out at my local bookstore. 

Great job LaToya! May you continue to grow! 💋

From one Toya to another! Great job!