Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fulani Inspired Braids and Beads

Today is Day #12 of wearing my Fulani Inspired Braids and Beads hairstyle. I absolutely love this style.  I was a little skeptical about trying this style, however I'm glad I did. I have learned that I can wear this style up, down, to the side, space buns and maybe even more! I didn't add many beads to this style just yet, but when I do I will definitely post pictures or make a video.  

The updo is my favorite! roll & tuck the braiding hair and add a few bobby pins to secure the style. 

Murray's Edgewax is my new favorite. 
I rarely use gel for my baby hairs/edges.
I went easy with the accessories. The  photos are  from Day #2. 
I will be applying more accessories in the future.

I use a scarf and a bonnet to preserve this hairstyle. Braids can get old really quick if you don't take care of them. If I'm not out and about you best believe my hair is covered while at home lol. I have a  ootd video coming featuring  my Ross Dress For Less  outfit that I am wearing in my pictures. Stay tuned! I will either post a video on my YouTube channel or post pictures on the blog. Have you tried the Fulani Inspired Braids? 


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