Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

Hi everyone!  I apologize that I  have been MIA! However, I am on Face book and Twitter quite often.  Normally I  don't go this long without making a video. However,  I checked  the date of my last video and it was 4/13/2012! Almost an entire month :)

So, I figured since I have been gone for awhile that I am going to relax until 5/13/12 and enjoy watching other You tubers.  During my break  I decided to rock a  protective style because I really want to color and cut my hair and in order to make sure that I'm making a sound decision I put my hair in braids.

Also,  I am  planning my 2nd Natural Hair  Meet Up in Birmingham, Alabama! That's right! June 16, 2012 from 3-7pm , so get your tickets! We have officially sold out of the $5 and $8 tickets!              To purchase your tickets and for more details on the meet up head over to and also we still have vendor spots available so spread the WORD!!! . Hope to see you there!