Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Natural Hair : Last Hair Video was Nov 19th ...Hair Update

Hi again!

So I haven't made a video about my hair in awhile. Nov 19th is a pretty longtime for KCC. However, it's super "EASY" to blog/post pics. My hair is in some loose cornrows. Loose because I have worn them for the last 2 weeks. Since I started working out I reached for my "Santa Fe Girl" half-wig. My FIRST "half-wig" from 2 years ago!

I washed "her" and "she " is in LIKE-NEW condition. I haven't taken any recent pics with the half-wig on but...

Let's see if I can dig out a old pic of me wearing this wig that I purchased when I first found "Muffinismylovers" on YOUTUBE.

Insanity Workout Update Video (Operation : Goodbye Mommy Tummy)

Hi ya'll

It took alot for me to post this video! It wasn't easy to look at the belly fat... Let me take that back ... It wasn't easy for me to let ya'll look at my belly fat!!!

But hey that was my BELLY @ DAY 1

I'm on DAY 19 again because I was sick for an entire week :(

I'll get into my meal plan soon. I'm telling you it's nothing serious. I had to let go of my "Cookie Addiction" like I said in the previous post :(

Hey a girl must do what she "HAS" to do to achieve what I want in the end!

Lata ya'll