Saturday, December 3, 2011

Skinny VS Fit : INSANITY Total -Body Program

KCC, you are already "skinny" why are you working out ? Well ... let's just say I have fat hanging around my mid-section and it's not even funny! I don't like it so you darn right it must GO!!!! ( I have pics) I just "Really" don't want to post or do a video just yet! I will tell you this, stick around for 43 more days and you will see :)

Yeah, I wear a size 5 and the last time I weighed myself which was months ago I think I was 132-135lbs I don't remember. My goal is not weight loss :) Don't get it twisted I know I look great, but I can't continue to use the "I have 2 kids slogan about my belly "Fat" because my daughter is 1 years old now :) This is no longer baby"FAT" in the middle. It's those Oreos and fatty foods that I oh so LOVE!!!

My clothes do a great job at hiding it, but I know, and my hubby knows lol .

Now I'm really glad I don't have a "HUSBAND" putting me down, he is so "Freaking" encouraging " when it comes to getting RID of this Mid-section. He's actually competitive!!

I'm already a HOT MOM! Yep, I toot my own horn!!!!! but I want to be FIT vs Skinny and if a 4 pack - 6 pack comes with it I'm hella down for it!!