Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Royal Crown :NATURAL HAIR ~

Hi you guys! I have neglected my blog :( Shame on me!

Ok so I got compliments on my last twist out and I must reveal that I used "Royal Crown" on damp hair.

Yes, "Grease". This is not a "FIRST TIME " thing.

However, this is the first time I have used "Royal Crown". My results were amazing! I saw video and tweets and I said I should let my subbies know that I have tried "Grease" quite a few times.

I've never posted a video or any photos until my last one (OOTD Combat Boots) featuring my "Grease" results.

My thoughts on "Grease" hmmmm... I didn't have to apply any other product. Just "Grease" and "Water".

My hair journey" is SHOW and TELL :) I'm the "Natural" who has colored her hair (3) times out of 2years and still retained length :) but seriously "We" must do what works for our "own" hair.

I have nothing "NEGATIVE" to say about this product, but I do prefer "BLUE MAGIC" :)
Company Info: J Strickland & CO
manufacturer of ethnic hair care skin care and cosmetics
In business since 1936. Manufacturer of ethnic hair care skin care and cosmetics. Product lines include Blue Magic, Sulfur 8 , Royal Crown, Nadinola, Curi, African Gold, Artra, DuSharme, Worlds of Curls, Glover's. Five Star~

(They are owned by the "SAME" company) :)

Royal Crown is very lightweight and controlled my frizzes :) . It also provided a light sheen without being "greasy" like fried chicken!!! ok now I'm hungry!!!

One thing about using "Grease" the results are "Predictable" each time!! "SHEEN" and "NO FRIZZ" :)
haaa!! I'm done!!

Lata Curlies,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Pretty much sums Me UP! : OOTD & Lookbooks are super cool! We all have different Flavors !

I own a few skirts, mini skirts & dresses,but what most don't know about me is that I"m not your average girly girl!

I love make-up , yes ADORE it! However, my style is pretty much relaxed! Did I just say "RELAXED" ? haa but I wasn't talking about my hair lol!

I am actually thinking about having more fun with OOTD's and OOTN's and doing them weekly! Who knows!!! My Goal for doing them would be letting the Mom's out there know that they still GOT it!!

Lata Ya'll