Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My 2011 Natural Hair "Summer" Lookbook

Summer is Over ...and this video shows the styles that I rocked. Enjoy !!! I really enjoyed my natural hair this season. I didn't rock any wash n go's , wash n go puffs... maybe, but no wash gel n go's :) . I didn't really wear any protective hairstyles, so the first moment I got to do my sew-in I took advantage and my hair is thanking me!



Jeggins ? VMA's

So I missed the VMA 's , actually I didn't know anything about the awards but thanks to faithful "Facebook " Land. So I had to Google a pic of Lil Wayne...ok but then I came across little "Jaden" son of actor and actress Will & Jada Smith.

Who rocked them better?

Neither but that's just little old KCC opinion haa we all have them :)