Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hairdress

ok so you probably know that I am a fan of Dollar Tree Stores! :) I can't find the video but I think the Youtuber name was "Journeytomyroots" and she did a video on this product a long time ago ...(I think that's her name if not ...oops!!) LOL . So I was ANXIOUS to try!!!

I 'm not a product junkie , but I couldn't resist this product. I took my Nubi Twist braids down after 5 days ! Yes ya'll know me! I do my own hair and I get bored easily but they served justice at the beach , alright moving on.......... I shampooed and co washed my hair put them in a few Plaits preparing for a braid-out. I almost used my Sheamoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie , but I forgot that a few days ago I purchased the Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hairdress for ............ $1 .

I love saying $1 !

I didn't combat it with oil ,but I did apply oil to my tips and these are the results! ok it's a STAPLE! I'm going to combat it with my fave oil Castor Oil and see what I come up with!!
SN: I took a pic of the ingredients but ya'll know I just use what works for me :)

When I do the combat I'll most def do a Review with the mix and post a Youtube Video! Have you tried this product? Let me /others know!!



Don't Sleep on L.A Colors!! Shock & Mega Watt Nail Colors

Ok, so I love the Dollar Tree Stores and I'm sure I'm not alone lol. Like any normal day in my life I picked up some "Goodies" from the Dollar Tree!

I purchased (2) L.A Colors Nail Polishes called "Shock" and "Mega Watt". Of course $1 I am so satisfied it's not even funny!!! I had to share! I didn't make a video however I may start doing those types of videos soon if my Subscribers want to see videos like this from me :). ..we will see :) . Anywho, if you are ever at your local Dollar Tree give these colors a try! I tried to take some decent photos I am not the best "HAND MODEL" hair model lol, but not even close to a hand model .