Monday, May 2, 2011

How I store my Jewelry!!

  ok so for years I have loss so many earrings because I just toss them away in a jewelry box. I first saw SheSingslovely (a youtuber) and about a week ago I saw MsVaughn (Youtuber) with these!!! So off to Marshalls ,TJ Maxx and Ross, however I heard that Micheal's carries them. There are plenty stores online , but I am really not a big fan of online shopping. I still have that " I want it right now" in my bones!! :) I found them at Marshalls! I only purchased 2 of them one earring holder and one necklace holder @ $9.99 cents each. Guess what I'm going back for more! No more Tangled Jewelry ever again so Jewelry lovers go get yours!! Lata Curlies!
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