Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mini-Giveaway! Tangle Teezer and New Eco Styler Gel

I need to hurry up and make the giveaway vid but I've been super exhausted with school. I purchase a Tangle Teezer at my local Sallys and the New "Eco Morrocan Gel" and you guys ................. I love them both!

The Tangle Teezer made detangling "breezy"! I felt like I went "Green" when I did my hair in the shower!! LESS WATER and LESS TIME!

I won't throw my "Goodys" comb away because I will forever be a "GOODYS" girl! but Tangle Teezer is my go-to!

Eco Morrocan Gel....... First all it smells GOOD! and gives me a light but sleek hold and I am anxious to do a wash n GO!!!!!

The Eco Olive Oil gel is great is you want that SUPA DUPA hold with a crisp :)

I can't wait to upload the video and Giveaway these two ITEMS!!!!