Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natural Hair Angels~

This is a random video of the "Natural Hair Angels" lol . My aunt has locs and my mother and I are rocking our natural curls :). I want locs in about 10 yrs. Yep! that's on the hair agenda.


I washed my hair with the style still in it with Suave Humectant Conditioner because I was too lazy/sick to take down. Soo I haven't detangled...

my hair in 2 weeks! I am sure "HAIR" will be in my comb :)
The longer your hair gets, it can get a bit much to handle. I really LOVE my curls! But on top of that I got another cold from my other child LOL!... After my hair dried I ended up feeling much better the next day so , I took it down. The style lasted 2 weeks! and probably could have lasted longer ... Length check? Sorta :)

Wonder what is next in store for me hmmmm?

Thank God I'm Married Season 1 Episode 2

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Thank God I'm Married Season 1 Episode 1

Share your thoughts!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My son is obsessed with "DRIVING" lol


There is not a day that goes by that we can't get into the car without our son asking to DRIVE!! help...tho he can guide the wheel pretty good! This made his day! He is going to be the child that begs "mommy" to take him to the DMV as soon as he's legal!

Never a dull day in my household nor life with kids around :)


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 2010 Vs March 2011


It's amazing to reflect back and see the growth. What is amazing is that I'm following a combination of products. I use a variety of products. Yep! I don't use all-Natural. I have to be honest. Thus far I have retained some great length and pretty pleased. My hair feels and appears healthy. I am very satisfied thus far.

When my front is the length of my back I'll be very satisfied on my Journey and by the looks in 1 more year I'll be there.

This comes from patience because it hasn't been BREEZY! :)

I fought the battle with "color" and I'm coming out with a victory.

My secret ...I have no secret I just keep my ends moisturized. I have learned that I no longer have to worry about the new growth, the worry is with your ends.

On that note...Keep those ends (Healthy) and (Moisturized) and you should end up with satisfactory results.

BTW I'm a on my second week with my new protective style. I'll be sharing but I'm trying to catch up on some HOmework assignments that should have already been completed.

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If I was 16 again I would have Posters on my wall from the "Word Up " Magazine LOL!

I said it ! Posters on my wall :) Do kids still do that? well I was just looking through pics and I laughed to myself and realized Keri Hilson is "Jocking" My style! yep she gets it from me ..she just don't know it.. :) but when I saw these looks..these are me all day!! anywho ...lata peeps!