Saturday, March 5, 2011

HOTD : Feather Duster Thanks! @MahoganyKnots

My Hairstyle of Today (HOTD) is Banging!! yes I said banging!! I really love it! it only took 15 mins and I just had that "Funky/Cute "Feeling awesome you guys!! I'll be rocking this again ..and again LOL!!!

Please try it You will not be disappointed!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Game!!!! 3/1/2011 (copy and paste)

Really Good Episode Lastnight! It touched basis on many areas. Note to all all means I am happy that Melanie didn't finish what she started. Ewww The Phrase sharing is caring does not apply my Vocabulary PERIOD when it comes to a mate. No problem stepping your game up , but clearly that right "THERE" is not in the rule book :)

All u Game Watchers Let me know!!!!

I'm so happy for Malik!!! and sad at the same time because Parker is just trashy and gives a bad vibe for Married women ..but hey this is what happens in real -life.. All in all this episode gets a THUMBS up!!!


Twist -Out in the front(same updo) and answers to your questions!

Day 7 hair !! yea I am the point of my journey that I now realize that "hair " needs a break. I'm trying to do protective styles each week. U remember ...I'm participating in the Kim Cole's Grow Out Challenge! ... BTW.. Not sure why the video looks like I'm making a "Chinese film" lol . Mouth moving faster than words tehetehehe!!! :)

How did I not announce that I am 16 months Natural!! due to Feb ending on the 28th , Kinda missed celebrating !!!

Very Very excited that "Kim Coles" took the time out and responded and showed me some Twitter "LOVE" . She's subbed to some of my faves, SimplyUnique, African Export, etc ..the "BIG ROLLING Tubers" LOL .
Very positive woman and she made my day..night rather :) here's what she wrote : ...ummm yea I'm going to drop the lines for ya...

here it is: @KinkyCurlyCoil I saw you!! very GOOD ... cute accent!! Thanks for the tips!
about 6 hours ago via web

. @KinkyCurlyCoil Hi! I did... I even tweeted u about it earlier... lemme see if I can find it, hold pls!
about 1 hour ago via web in reply to KinkyCurlyCoil

Very Sweet !!! Thanks Ms. Kim... She's my elder so I have to put emphasis on "Ms. Kim" :)



Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm having a "Blonde" moment! not a relaxed and it's Keri Hilson's fault :P

By all means I do not like the earrings she's wearing!! they are quite scary to me LOL!! Any who I am having a blonde moment! I want blonde hair haaa!! of course I'm not coloring or relaxing my hair but I want to be bold and do a quick weave so bad!! so tempted but if I do DON"T worry , Don't Worry I'll share :)

And ok I'm fine that some may not like this, but it rubbing off on me :)

I have tons of Links on my Facebook page

These are not just my "OWN" videos. They also feature tons of Naturals.

(You may have to copy and paste :()

If It wasn't for Youtube Videos I really would be "Going insane" :) !! well maybe not INSANE but Limited in the direction of creativity!!

I feed off the energy of sooooooooooooooo many sista's!!!
Youtube is the place to be! Just "Limit" watching your videos because it can get addictive!