Friday, February 18, 2011


As of Today I have 4,130 subscribers! seriously ?? I started my hair journey with only 1 subbie my mother :). Last week I browse at the pics of all my subbies. I only know 10 subbies outside of the YTube land.

I have emailed back n forth some really cool ladies and we have had some intresting conversations.

I never imagined I would be putting myself out to the cyber land of Ytube and letting people into my "bathroom/OFFICE" lol :) .

Amazing , Amazing and I love doing it!!

KCC, where have you been? No more videos?

Well Ladies and Gents , I had surgery ...matter fact I don't mind sharing...why not a video , I prefer not.. at the time. The type of surgery I had was "Tubal Ligation". Tubal ligation is the surgical procedure commonly known as "tying the tubes". A woman's fallopian tubes transport mature eggs from the ovary to the uterus approximately once a month. When sperm travels from the uterus through the fallopian tubes toward the ovary, it may encounter a mature egg -- and fertilization may result.

Tubal ligation permanently sterilizes a woman by preventing transport of the egg (ovum) to the uterus, and by blocking the passage of sperm up the tube to the ovulating ovary where fertilization normally occurs. (SCIENCE class is over) lol. I want to resume my normal activities soon , but honestly my hair is sticking all over my head and I'm not even wearing my satin bonnet. :)

I can tell you this I wore a braid-out during my surgery. Nothing cute about this video below , no make up no nothing sooo glad because all that was important was my HEALTH !! the braid-out is 12 days old and I won't be washing it out until I feel much better. Be back soon!