Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heat Damage or Not?

I was really nervous!!! what have I done to my hair!!! Heat damage !!

Where do I start??? Hmmmmm ok so I lasted 3 days and I was over the straight look until I get more length I just wanted to see where I am in my journey to retain length. Since my hair was "practically" straight I gave myself a trim, I saw a few split ends, but I took care of them. Hopefully I didn't trim too much, but OH WELL! It's over and done now :)

I almost lasted more days , but once I got into the shower my hair was talking to me and said : I want something to |"DRINK" so I listened to my hair and it felt sooooo GOOD!! At first BSL sounded impossible. I now believe I can get there.

What I used on my hair ? Grapeseed oil and applied just a little amount of the ic fantasia heat protectant. I ran the flat iron twice using the "Chase method" but If I would have ran it through a third time with the iron temp higher I know I could have gotten it BONE STRAIGHT but ok ok I was SCARED!! but I am still inlove with my first FLAT IRON results :)

How I got my Curls Back?
Well...Well... I didn't have my normal Deep Conditioning products availabe so I shampooed my hair with "Creme of Nature " and I "reached for my Herbal Essence Hello Hydration but I was running out.... so I reached for my Herbal Essence Totally Twisted. I let both conditioners stay in my hair for almost 3 hrs and covered my hair with a "Target plastic bag" haaa yep I was out of everything ..even a shower cap!!

After 3 hrs of Deep Conditioning yep I said it... I rinsed my twist without disturbing them and MY hair was sooooooooooooooooo soft ! it's been a very long....... time since my hair was that soft maybe 6 months!! I could rub my fingers through my "KINKS " oh and I have it on tape I "Shall" post soon!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Off to a Good Start my hair has never reached this far

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Natural Hair: Flat Iron Results Video!

I am very happy with my Results! I knew if I flat-ironed it bone straight(like a relaxer) that after a few days I would still eventually wash it back out :) I'm going to possibly do some two-strand twist on this blown out hair ..neva (waste stretched hair).

I used my Andis Ceramic Flat Iron I bought from Wal-Mart almost 2 years ago. Of course I'm getting the Maxi Glide but no time soon ! not until 6 -10 months because I'm going for the (low to No heat Challenge) :) I applied Grapeseed oil and on a few sections of my hair IC Fantasia Heat Protectant which possible gave my hair some shine unless the shine came from the Natural oils our hair creates. I will be trimming my ends because I can see a few split ends.

BTW in the video I'm wearing Revlon's (Wild Orchid ) lipstick .. My mother suggested about 2 years ago that I should start wearing lipstick since I"m GROWN lol and Momma Knows BEST!

Growing long hair fast take a huge commitment. Here are a few quick tips for the fastest route to long hair:

This is my desired Length !!! lol Here's a few tips!!!

Get a good trim to start.

Wear your hair up every single day.

Don't use ANY heat.

Moisturize hair and ends daily.

Wash hair every 4 days to every 7 days.

Use the right hair products that contribute to hair growth.

Take a vitamin that will enable your hair to reach its hair growth potential.

Deep condition weekly.

Use a strengthening protein conditioner at least once a month.

Keep hair moisturized and soft.

Be extra, extra gentle when combing and styling. Use a good seamless comb that won't snag your hair.

Don't manipulate the hair much, put it up and leave it alone.
In conclusion to grow long hair fast, you need to get your hair to its optimal growth rate if it isn't there already. Next, you need to focus on retaining length by eliminating damage and damage repair.

My Hair Growth Journey as of Feb 6, 2011

<------------see that pic, that's my best relaxer I think I ever had, but my hair would never really grow past this point. Looking back I didn't realize that my bang grew past my *eye* because in highschool this NEVER happened. This pic was taken 3 Years Ago

I wish I could say I have genetics on my side but hmmm...My mothers mom had hair wayyyyyyyyy down her back and my father's mom has hair down hers. Why does it feel like I skip that trait? or maybe I wasn't taking care of my hair? I never got trims that I know of and my hair would just stop at this length.

However alot of people liked my relaxed my hair it was on the thicker side and had a "FLOW in the wind " lol more like "OVERPROCESSED" Hair lol but it always took a "SUPER" perm to relax :)

since I've straighten my hair , this is the longest my hair has ever been . My husband helped me take the photo and I'll be uploading soon, My hair has grown to a length it has never reached ,so I know I'm off to a good START!!!