Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Royal Crown :NATURAL HAIR ~

Hi you guys! I have neglected my blog :( Shame on me!

Ok so I got compliments on my last twist out and I must reveal that I used "Royal Crown" on damp hair.

Yes, "Grease". This is not a "FIRST TIME " thing.

However, this is the first time I have used "Royal Crown". My results were amazing! I saw video and tweets and I said I should let my subbies know that I have tried "Grease" quite a few times.

I've never posted a video or any photos until my last one (OOTD Combat Boots) featuring my "Grease" results.

My thoughts on "Grease" hmmmm... I didn't have to apply any other product. Just "Grease" and "Water".

My hair journey" is SHOW and TELL :) I'm the "Natural" who has colored her hair (3) times out of 2years and still retained length :) but seriously "We" must do what works for our "own" hair.

I have nothing "NEGATIVE" to say about this product, but I do prefer "BLUE MAGIC" :)
Company Info: J Strickland & CO
manufacturer of ethnic hair care skin care and cosmetics
In business since 1936. Manufacturer of ethnic hair care skin care and cosmetics. Product lines include Blue Magic, Sulfur 8 , Royal Crown, Nadinola, Curi, African Gold, Artra, DuSharme, Worlds of Curls, Glover's. Five Star~

(They are owned by the "SAME" company) :)

Royal Crown is very lightweight and controlled my frizzes :) . It also provided a light sheen without being "greasy" like fried chicken!!! ok now I'm hungry!!!

One thing about using "Grease" the results are "Predictable" each time!! "SHEEN" and "NO FRIZZ" :)
haaa!! I'm done!!

Lata Curlies,

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