Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amazing Abs Workout *DAY 1 for KCC and Godservan!!!

So I'm almost 9 months-post baby :)

I'm starting an ab challenge ??? ... but I won't be dieting. No way I would fail I love fried chicken, Fried Fish and fries ...need I say MORE before I get hungry reading my own POST!! :) I went to the gym 2 days ago ...yep I have a membership and all. I go with my hubby moon.

It's funny bc when I wasn't a member I wanted to go!! now that I am... I run. (well Walk) :) . Yes I'm small , but I still have a "MUMMY" tummy! I checked my weight at the gym yesterday I am exactly 135 pounds. My weight before my kids in 2006 was a steady 125 lbs . I've never weighed 105-115 lbs not to my knowledge like most of my friends in high school yet my Metabolism is Pretty HIGH!!! Trust me it's (GENETICS)

I don't want to loose any weight. I'm so happy with that. I just want this belly fat to go SOMEWHERE besides in my lap :) . Only reason I want it to go somewhere mainly because it was "NEVER" there Ha! Sista is getting older :)

I'm loving the skin I'm in ... (just the loose skin) that US mommies get (well not all of us) but some of ya'll know what I'm talking about :) I want to get rid of it that's all :)

Now the real deal is that I'm trying to do it MINUS a diet. I eat honey buns, fudge rounds and Oreo's like drinking WATER. Soooo we shall see. I already know you want to see a belly pic..... wellllllllllllll I might show you a month from now. So JOIN in and do this 3 minute INTENSE ab workout with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on ... My mom is joining in with me! So come on!!!

This isn't about HAIR .... SN: I was told by the hubby ...Yea yea that I need to cut out the sweets aka FAT in order to get the belly where it was before but I can't help it (or can I) .... I'll try to reduce my sweet intake :) However, I would be so happy if it toned up a bit lol :) WHO KNOWS !!

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  1. Yes, and I am worn out by this work out..Help.Haaaa...I will continue to work out I blog.
    Thanks Kcc