Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am a Top 10 Finalist in the African Pride Glam Weekend Contest!!!

The prizes are soooooooo awesome!! A RUN -DOWN
Glam Weekend for winner and her best girlfriend in Atlanta
Includes airfare and luxury hotel for 2 nights, limousine service throughout the weekend and $1000 in spending money. Also includes a hair, make-up, and clothing makeover AND dinner with Bystorm/ JIVE Records recording artist Miguel at a top Atlanta restaurant. A professional photographer will take shots so that you will always remember the weekend

I am soooooooooooo excited! Ya'll just don't understand LOL!

Lata Curlies!

BTW my best girlfriend ...

...my MOM!!!! Wish me LUCK curlies we find out MAY 1st 2011!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck girl! Those prizes are really nice

  2. YOu are beautiful..and you deserve it..God Bless..you..that is so sweet to take your mom..:).

  3. Thanks Ladies! I will keep you all posted!! :) They are already sending me my 1 year supply of African Pride Product , now I know they are not sending me a Relaxer ...LOL!!! :)