Sunday, March 6, 2011

A taste of my Style : Find the Look , Now Go Find a Deal $$

Quite "Pricey" but that's when your hunt"eye" /radar kicks in and you shop for similar outfits on a BUDGET!!! :)
Simple, but I love the color Black :)

Feeling "Geeky"
Headed to the Mall Look :)
Day to Night Look :) Taking off the Jacket to have some "REAL FUN"
Semi-school Girl Look (Pencil Skirt)
My Hubby is taking me out , WITHOUT the Kids and we are going to live it up LOOK! That's all for today..Style updates ..weekly n Daily


  1. Wooho..I especially love the out to dinner outfit, and the semi school look..Well, ok I love them all..and your naturel,your inspiring personality..thanks for sharing your style with us..We love you KCC

  2. headed to da mall look, semi school girl and da shoes n day/night look yeeeeessss!!! cute