Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My New Protective Style "Sneak Peek" !

Since you follow my blog! I thought It would be great to give you a sneak peek? Despite what my hubby said on my last video I'm quite the "saver" $$$ . I'm doing my own box braids :) yep ! I started on and off at 3 pm , played around for 1hr.. Played with the kids and back at it again!! I'm beat but determined to finish in 1 day haaa we sha'll see!
Of course they are not perfect this is my 1st time!!! but I'm feeling them!!:P


  1. GIRL...I love these braids! Can't wait to see the finished results! What kind of hair is that?? It's too cute!!

  2. These box braid are nice..I mean gorgeous...I love sneek preview...can't wait for the fininsh the color also..Wow,,We will need a tutorial..thanks in advance..:)

  3. thanks Ladies!!! Keke it's Outre 100% Kanekekalon !!! I didn't do a tutorial but I have pics!