Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 2010 Vs March 2011


It's amazing to reflect back and see the growth. What is amazing is that I'm following a combination of products. I use a variety of products. Yep! I don't use all-Natural. I have to be honest. Thus far I have retained some great length and pretty pleased. My hair feels and appears healthy. I am very satisfied thus far.

When my front is the length of my back I'll be very satisfied on my Journey and by the looks in 1 more year I'll be there.

This comes from patience because it hasn't been BREEZY! :)

I fought the battle with "color" and I'm coming out with a victory.

My secret ...I have no secret I just keep my ends moisturized. I have learned that I no longer have to worry about the new growth, the worry is with your ends.

On that note...Keep those ends (Healthy) and (Moisturized) and you should end up with satisfactory results.

BTW I'm a on my second week with my new protective style. I'll be sharing but I'm trying to catch up on some HOmework assignments that should have already been completed.

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  1. Great progress! It looks so healthy.

  2. No, this before and after natural comparison..is wonderful..and amazing..your hair looks so healthy..the color is beautiful..you look beautiful KCC..Keep blogging to help us struggling natural sister..

  3. Hey girl @ mimi it's growing good and it I can't argue with you it does look healthy. I 'm still suprising myself each week on this journey it's AWESOME! @ Anonymous I'll continue to blog for me and you all. It's pretty fun having a open "HairDiary" LOL

  4. I am so proud of you being on your SECOND week of a protective style. You go DIVA! Also your growth is AMAZING!!!

  5. I have a question what color did you use when you did color your hair in the first pic I want my color to eventually look like the second with my ends colored and the rest my natural color