Saturday, March 5, 2011

HOTD : Feather Duster Thanks! @MahoganyKnots

My Hairstyle of Today (HOTD) is Banging!! yes I said banging!! I really love it! it only took 15 mins and I just had that "Funky/Cute "Feeling awesome you guys!! I'll be rocking this again ..and again LOL!!!

Please try it You will not be disappointed!!


  1. Hey KCC!
    Is your hair in a french roll in the back or just pushed up?? Thanks!

  2. both!!! I did it both ways ! so which ever works for u!!

  3. I just have to agree with you Kcc..that hairstyle is banging and you are rocking it on point..I just love it so much..I will be trying this style..I think I will do a blowout.. i will post a vid when I do. Love it..