Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GYM or not to GYM LOL!! Getting my Body BACK!

This is the day before I had my "second" born child :)

Still have 8lbs to go ugh..whatever..but I really want to tighten my BELLY up :) Lost 32 lbs but these 8 are hanging on and I know exactly where they are having a "CLUB" meeting!

I'm not looking to get a BIG swimsuit Modeling Contract LOL! Hi Tyra! LOL! But I wouldn't mind getting "TONED" like my cousin said on Facebook earlier. In the meantime by blogging about this topic I want to uplift some women about their body and having babies. No one knows if their will be bodily changes "after the baby" but Being a mommy is worth the bodily changes. #MATERNAL

Women need to look at their bodies not only with an eye to how slim and trim, but more importantly for what they have accomplished.

Oh Yes, it's tough to admit you may not look as good as you once did. But "good" is a just a term, and just knowing that you have the capability to sustain a life and bring a new human into the world makes any woman beautiful -- , larger boobs, hips "MUFFIN TOP" love handle, saggy boobies , yes I had to throw in the boobies and those SNEAKY stretch marks and etc.

But if you are wanting to make a few body changes I say ..and these are just my two cents JOIN a GYM and eat healthier and SMILE ..Honey!!! Ur'e Beautiful!

Me...(so Glad to be blessed with two HEALTHY babies :P God is So Good!

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