Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Game!!!! 3/1/2011 (copy and paste)

Really Good Episode Lastnight! It touched basis on many areas. Note to all all means I am happy that Melanie didn't finish what she started. Ewww The Phrase sharing is caring does not apply my Vocabulary PERIOD when it comes to a mate. No problem stepping your game up , but clearly that right "THERE" is not in the rule book :)

All u Game Watchers Let me know!!!!

I'm so happy for Malik!!! and sad at the same time because Parker is just trashy and gives a bad vibe for Married women ..but hey this is what happens in real -life.. All in all this episode gets a THUMBS up!!!



  1. Agree that last nite's episode was good. A lot of people can really relate to it!! If Melanie would have went throught with it she would have regretted it in the long run. As for Malik I certainly hope he handles the whole Parker situation VERY QUICKLY!!! Okay, she's married so why trip when you side man wants to be in a "REAL" relationship? Tsk, Tsk not a good look for her!!

  2. IKR !! I got really into it last night!!! I was on pins and needles!!! It was super good!!! Parker is really getting on my last nerve tehe ...talking like they are real people haaa!

  3. I was like Melanie NOooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................but, I am up on The Game..Love loves what the heart loves..:)