Sunday, February 6, 2011

Natural Hair: Flat Iron Results Video!

I am very happy with my Results! I knew if I flat-ironed it bone straight(like a relaxer) that after a few days I would still eventually wash it back out :) I'm going to possibly do some two-strand twist on this blown out hair ..neva (waste stretched hair).

I used my Andis Ceramic Flat Iron I bought from Wal-Mart almost 2 years ago. Of course I'm getting the Maxi Glide but no time soon ! not until 6 -10 months because I'm going for the (low to No heat Challenge) :) I applied Grapeseed oil and on a few sections of my hair IC Fantasia Heat Protectant which possible gave my hair some shine unless the shine came from the Natural oils our hair creates. I will be trimming my ends because I can see a few split ends.

BTW in the video I'm wearing Revlon's (Wild Orchid ) lipstick .. My mother suggested about 2 years ago that I should start wearing lipstick since I"m GROWN lol and Momma Knows BEST!


  1. Great results!! The color looks good on you!! I've recently started getting into makeup (very slowly though). LOL!!!

  2. that's how I was..when I did the BC I fell in love with make -up . I was the biggest tomboy ever!!