Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Hair Growth Journey as of Feb 6, 2011

<------------see that pic, that's my best relaxer I think I ever had, but my hair would never really grow past this point. Looking back I didn't realize that my bang grew past my *eye* because in highschool this NEVER happened. This pic was taken 3 Years Ago

I wish I could say I have genetics on my side but hmmm...My mothers mom had hair wayyyyyyyyy down her back and my father's mom has hair down hers. Why does it feel like I skip that trait? or maybe I wasn't taking care of my hair? I never got trims that I know of and my hair would just stop at this length.

However alot of people liked my relaxed my hair it was on the thicker side and had a "FLOW in the wind " lol more like "OVERPROCESSED" Hair lol but it always took a "SUPER" perm to relax :)

since I've straighten my hair , this is the longest my hair has ever been . My husband helped me take the photo and I'll be uploading soon, My hair has grown to a length it has never reached ,so I know I'm off to a good START!!!

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