Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heat Damage or Not?

I was really nervous!!! what have I done to my hair!!! Heat damage !!

Where do I start??? Hmmmmm ok so I lasted 3 days and I was over the straight look until I get more length I just wanted to see where I am in my journey to retain length. Since my hair was "practically" straight I gave myself a trim, I saw a few split ends, but I took care of them. Hopefully I didn't trim too much, but OH WELL! It's over and done now :)

I almost lasted more days , but once I got into the shower my hair was talking to me and said : I want something to |"DRINK" so I listened to my hair and it felt sooooo GOOD!! At first BSL sounded impossible. I now believe I can get there.

What I used on my hair ? Grapeseed oil and applied just a little amount of the ic fantasia heat protectant. I ran the flat iron twice using the "Chase method" but If I would have ran it through a third time with the iron temp higher I know I could have gotten it BONE STRAIGHT but ok ok I was SCARED!! but I am still inlove with my first FLAT IRON results :)

How I got my Curls Back?
Well...Well... I didn't have my normal Deep Conditioning products availabe so I shampooed my hair with "Creme of Nature " and I "reached for my Herbal Essence Hello Hydration but I was running out.... so I reached for my Herbal Essence Totally Twisted. I let both conditioners stay in my hair for almost 3 hrs and covered my hair with a "Target plastic bag" haaa yep I was out of everything ..even a shower cap!!

After 3 hrs of Deep Conditioning yep I said it... I rinsed my twist without disturbing them and MY hair was sooooooooooooooooo soft ! it's been a very long....... time since my hair was that soft maybe 6 months!! I could rub my fingers through my "KINKS " oh and I have it on tape I "Shall" post soon!


  1. Hey gurl!
    Glad you were able to get your curls back. I wasn't so lucky sometime ago. I was getting back-to-back press & curls like me life depended on it...poor hair, lol. But I eventually had to cut off about 3.5 inches of my hair due to heat damage. At first I was like, "No!!I don't wanna let go of my length" Then finally I got enough courage and took my hair scissors and started cutting. At the end of the day I was like, "I'd rather have medium length hair than long damaged/dead hair". lol. Thanks for sharing missy, looking forward to the video!

  2. I am going through that problem now..but I guess it is the same as heat damage..for overly dyeing my hair. would you suggest anything for that Kcc...or do I need to clip away the hair..don't want to maybe i will have too..

  3. I just flat ironed my hair last night to see my length too. I am already over the straight look and I only wore it today! Glad to see those beautiful curls popping back in!