Sunday, February 6, 2011

Growing long hair fast take a huge commitment. Here are a few quick tips for the fastest route to long hair:

This is my desired Length !!! lol Here's a few tips!!!

Get a good trim to start.

Wear your hair up every single day.

Don't use ANY heat.

Moisturize hair and ends daily.

Wash hair every 4 days to every 7 days.

Use the right hair products that contribute to hair growth.

Take a vitamin that will enable your hair to reach its hair growth potential.

Deep condition weekly.

Use a strengthening protein conditioner at least once a month.

Keep hair moisturized and soft.

Be extra, extra gentle when combing and styling. Use a good seamless comb that won't snag your hair.

Don't manipulate the hair much, put it up and leave it alone.
In conclusion to grow long hair fast, you need to get your hair to its optimal growth rate if it isn't there already. Next, you need to focus on retaining length by eliminating damage and damage repair.


  1. This is so true. since, I started to do this regimen. I have notice my hair is more healthy and I can see a growth pattern..Thanks KCC