Monday, January 24, 2011


I really love this product, I should do a review (VIDEO) on it but hmmm guess I'll just blog about it FIRST :) The product is in my price RANGE $$$ I think I only spent $9.99 of course I had to apply UNCLE SAM tax rate. This PRODUCT works WELL with CASTOR OIL too!!

BOTH products TOGETHER GIVES me "JUICY" results :) and u remember the results video right?? if not head over to my YTUBE channel and check out my DRY TWIST OUT video , actually my PICTURE on MY BLOG is the RESULT PHOTO!

It has a smell to it but nothing that is discouraging enough to not use the product. I am almost out of this HAIR SMOOTHIE and I WENT to TARGET the other day and GUESS what ??? THEY WERE sold OUT!!

Sista's PLEASE leave me some PRODUCTS lol!! but I don't blame u :) It's only $9 buck so GIVE it a TRY .


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  1. This stuff gave me a gorgeous braid out. I love it, too.