Monday, January 24, 2011

No one knows ........ That I will start BLOGGING again :)

so if you are reading this then my secret is out !!! Haaa but on the REAL as of today I want to start blogging , of course I have a youtube channel and I love showing my HAIR journey but time to time I really like to sit around and "WRITE" well these days it's allllllllllllll about TYPING ! :)

Making videos is fun ,don 't get me wrong but typing is much easier......try editing a video through WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER , editing, getting music and photos together haaa it can be a work in progress. I won't push this blog on my subbies, family , fbookers or even my friends but I'll be blogging from time to time :) and it won't just be about hair........... I DON'T think :) I 'm more than HAIR :)

There will be some typos because I will mostly BLOG when the kiddies are sleep!

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