Monday, January 24, 2011

Keyshia Cole "Calling All Hearts" New CD

I am a serious Keyshia Cole Fan! yep ..don't be blasting my girl about singing live ..she does crack a few notes but she is still my GIRL!! Her 1st 3 CD's she went "HARD" and I think she went HARD with this one too! ok ok ToOK me a minute to get through the whole CD the first WEEK but I sat down one day *GLANCING at my Textbook* and she is pretty serious on this CD.

We all know Keyshia 's older CD's went hard on "GUYS n RELATIONSHIPS" if you were going through something "KEYSHIA cole" CD's was right in the CD player ... *I change my MINDDDDDDDDDDD I don't love u no MORE! ~~ here's another FAVE . LOVE..........eeeeeeeee never new what I was missing ....I think everyone tried to hit that part where she says ( I founnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd U ) I sounded great ......... In the shower (singing it )..

BUt don't sleep on this CD check out my FAVE song is #14 BETTER ME ............ that's is truly how I feel about the hubby :)



  1. girl you are so right about this cd- it is amazing! i am also a fan of her music and # 14 is my fave song too.

  2. gIRL U SHOULD see me singing to the top of my lungs on this song!!HAAAA ..CAN'T SLEEP ON KC ~