Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Garnier Fructis Leave -in is my fave Conditioner It keeps my Hair super "JUICY" !!

I have yet to do a Youtube video about what products I use but I guess I'll "BLOG " about it! I love LOVE LOVE Garnier Fructis , it's keeps my hair super moist, I have seen tons of YouTube Videos showing that this product works for allllllllllllllllllllll textures . A little goes A long way too!! IT does not limit itself to any *single* hair type. This product is $3 or less depending on where u purchase it from and can be found in MOST store i.e Grocery stores, Walmart , Target , soooooooooooooo If you are wondering what's my Fave "LEAVE-IN" there u have it!! Try it U might LIKE it!!!

btw I'll post this old video when I first found the product and I am still amaze at the results.


  1. Didn't know they had a leave-in. Just might try it. I'm slowly finding and narrowing down what works for my hair. Ironically I've found what works for my duaghter's hair and plan on sticking with just that. Her hair has come along way and it's now growing at a moderate rate, which is goood!!!!

  2. I know that gives u a peace of mind "mrsmae" please try it , 3 dollars is a great steal for this product :)

  3. I will!! CVS has a Garnier Fructis products for $2.97 (with card) a few cents cheaper!!

  4. O my Gosh Kcc..Maybe I need to start using Garnier Frutis again..with the amazing growth you have. not speaking the great price range..Hm off to the store. My hair deserves it..

  5. Wow u have come a long way gurl and i'm very proud of u!! Yes i know u from youtube, wanted to start doing videos but i just wasn't feeling!! Now i do have my blog where everyone and myself can follow my naturel hair journey and i'm sooo glad u have one too. Check my blog out if u like.

    Congrats on ur 15 months naturel!!