Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coupon Saving "Deal"lista :)

I started using coupons 3 Sunday's ago! I said to myself ...ummm why not! I'm a SAHM (Stay at Home DivaMom ) lol and if I want to continue to stay off lol I better save some money. As of now 1 income is doing us just fine :) I love to shop for everything CLOTHES of course but in order to have more money to SPEND on clothes this DIVA has to save on FOOD, DETERGENT, TISSUE, PAPER TOWELS, TOOTHPASTE, BABYFOOD, DIAPERS, WIPES, SOAP , DISHWASHING LIQUID and DISHWASHER CLEANER TOO! I can't stand doing DISHES my PEEVE lol but comes with the "JOB! So I started watching Youtube and found some coupon saving DIVA's!

You best BELIEVE I use coupons at the GROCERY store! I love seeing my total drop after the cashier(s) scan all my COUPONS that means I'm #WINNING! In the last 3 weeks I have saved. FEELS good to have my own mini store at home :) Haaa Below is a few pictures showing some of my savings I have more that you can see on the video and stashed in my daughters room. :) I will have more info and Deals coming soon.

I am loving that I'm saving on these "NAME BRAND ITEMS" !! Can't beat it right???