Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amazing Abs Workout *DAY 1 for KCC and Godservan!!!

So I'm almost 9 months-post baby :)

I'm starting an ab challenge ??? ... but I won't be dieting. No way I would fail I love fried chicken, Fried Fish and fries ...need I say MORE before I get hungry reading my own POST!! :) I went to the gym 2 days ago ...yep I have a membership and all. I go with my hubby moon.

It's funny bc when I wasn't a member I wanted to go!! now that I am... I run. (well Walk) :) . Yes I'm small , but I still have a "MUMMY" tummy! I checked my weight at the gym yesterday I am exactly 135 pounds. My weight before my kids in 2006 was a steady 125 lbs . I've never weighed 105-115 lbs not to my knowledge like most of my friends in high school yet my Metabolism is Pretty HIGH!!! Trust me it's (GENETICS)

I don't want to loose any weight. I'm so happy with that. I just want this belly fat to go SOMEWHERE besides in my lap :) . Only reason I want it to go somewhere mainly because it was "NEVER" there Ha! Sista is getting older :)

I'm loving the skin I'm in ... (just the loose skin) that US mommies get (well not all of us) but some of ya'll know what I'm talking about :) I want to get rid of it that's all :)

Now the real deal is that I'm trying to do it MINUS a diet. I eat honey buns, fudge rounds and Oreo's like drinking WATER. Soooo we shall see. I already know you want to see a belly pic..... wellllllllllllll I might show you a month from now. So JOIN in and do this 3 minute INTENSE ab workout with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on ... My mom is joining in with me! So come on!!!

This isn't about HAIR .... SN: I was told by the hubby ...Yea yea that I need to cut out the sweets aka FAT in order to get the belly where it was before but I can't help it (or can I) .... I'll try to reduce my sweet intake :) However, I would be so happy if it toned up a bit lol :) WHO KNOWS !!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Hair @ KCC &Keke52284 Magic City Natural Hair Meet-up June 25


My hair turned out super cute! The hairstyle was inspired by MsVaughnTV! It was very simple, a braid in the back with a twist-out in the front. I needed Keke's assistance with the back. I didn't even try! Thank Goodness for Keke! The earrings that I'm wearing in this photo were given to me by the Lovely Cherie (owner) of Nappy Rutz!! also if you use this discount code you can receive 10% off (KccKeKe)!! So head over to the site and ENJOY! I love them! The actual color was chosen by a guest @ the Meet-up! Wished I knew her NAME! I was going for what I called a "Safe" color , but she( the guest) selected this pair for me sooooooooooo if you read my blog ...THANK U!!!!

I'm just wearing a simple (jumpsuit) that I mearly purchased from ... Body Central, yep ...I still shop in there ...every now and then but mostly for accessories! The jumper was a little over $20.00, yet I thought I looked quite cute! The shoes ? some old Steve Maddens ,No heels for me ! I needed to be comfortable to meet and greet our guest!! and I think what I wore turned out pretty nice :)

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