Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting over this ...COLD ugh might as well do some online SHOPPING ...with "Sally's that is :)

Everyone has been "chattering" and making videos about these (2) products and I have yet to try them!! I recently purchased another detangling comb made by Goodys at Target for $3 and it works good but I'm sure nothing like this "TANGLE TEEZER!!" lol ..and the Gel ...let's just say it if gives a "SHINE" like the recent Ytubers are saying then it's the GEL for me!!! :) ... Be back....back to shopping ..or browsing:)

Flat Twist Updo 4b 4c Natural Hair

I was inspired by so many with this latest updo!! KeKe52284, MsToot, Sheacocoaluv, Meechy Monroe I can go on and on. I love to give credit when credit is do. That's what youtube is all about ....borrowing a STYLE and MAKING IT your OWN!!!

I wanted to share this video that was made by a Ytuber inspired by my latest protective style!!!! She worked it!!! Just Fab!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Natural Hair: Side twist with two strand updo

My latest hairdo!! it's really fab on pics and in person , it well moisturize . My hair is really growing and I'm so scared that it might stop. SOUNDS crazy right??? but if u never had long hair is "TRIPS" u out when u see the "GROWTH".

Not that I'm obsessed with growing long hair or at least to BSL , I'm up for the Challenge.

I have been going strong with no HEAT!!! Yea me!! bc as my hair grows I am able to retain some length on my two strand twist. I rememember when I only had "NUB NUBS" haaa anywho enjoy the video and this style will be up until it falls apart because in the video I stated I have a cold.. and it's a UGLY cold too!!!

Alrighty Ladies and Gents , Guess I'll lay back down :)