Thursday, October 20, 2011

TOFU ????????

My thoughts on TOFU? it was GOOD! It's all about seasoning! I love onions, broccoli and soy sauce so I went with those three :). Our plates were empty and we actually finished the pan.

Just thought I would tell you ... um I had seconds! My hubby ate his second plate the next day. Now I am stalking TOFU recipes!!! Ha! I haven't eliminated my favorite meat "CHICKEN", but it could happen in the future.

I am slowly getting away from BEEF... not good for my tummy :( The only fish I'm down to is Tilapia so ... who knows !!! I'm still a lover of JUNK food, but I am anxious to test out a vegan "CAKE". They look so yummy when I am browsing website!!

Please go check out this website and I bet your mouth gets watery lol !!! The food on the website looks AMAZING! so check out Chef T Randle!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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