Monday, January 24, 2011

Shannon Brown of The L.A Lakers admits to Marrying R&B Star Monica..

I am so happy that Monica and Shannon are Married! THIS shows that even after the storm she encountered with her long-term relationship (BREAK-UP) with the father of her children she found love again!!! and HE put a ring on it after a few months baby!! OH GOSH my girl MONCIA is a "BASKETBALL WIFE" lol ....ok ok I watch too much reality t.v!!!

Also Monica Tweeted :
"I am the type of woman who will forever put my kids & family first. I thank God for placing Shannon in my life. He does all that and more ;-)."

and watch the video below honey he is soooooooo "claiming " his 'WIFEY" :) hmm I wonder what "ROCKO " is thinking tehetehe

Ok Mo We hear ya girl!!!
Congrats Mo!!!

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  1. OMG, get out of here! I had no idea she was even dating anyone. That's so sweet :)